Add augmented reality to your website in minutes.

They trusted us.

How it works?

Your customers do not need to install additional applications.

It works on iOS or Android phones and tablets.

Users connected from the computer access by scanning the QR code.

Your customer uses it without leaving your website.

It integrates easily with all websites.

You can easily add your products from your Custivo administration panel.

What can you do with Custivo?
3D Product Display

On the product detail page of your website, you can show a 3D model of your product, just as you show your product photos.

Augmented Reality

You can show your product in your customer's space without having your customers install any additional applications.

Product Customization

If you have customizable products, you can specify the areas you want your customer to be able to change and receive personalized orders.

No Code.Easy.Powerfull.


Add augmented reality to your e-commerce site with low monthly fees with no investment costs.

Special prices for you.
100+ Products
Unlimited Space
7/24 Support

You only need a 3D model of your product.

Unless you have a 3D model of your product, don't worry, we can do it.

You can use the GLB format output that you can get from many 3D softwares in Custivo.

Do you want to do customizable products? You can.
Select Parts

You can select all the customizable parts that make up your product separately.

Set Colors

You can easily define the color options you want your customers to choose.

That is all.

Now, you can add your customizable product to your website.

Easily, add it to your website

We have an integration with many platforms for you to add Custivo to your website easily.


Custivo appears on your product detail page and your customers easily reach it.


Your customers click a button on your website and they reach Custivo as pop-up.


"We can integrate with all websites within 5 minutes, regardless of the infrastructure."
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