What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality; It is a technology that allows us to view any object (t-shirt, armchair, shoes, ring) as if it were in the environment we are in. With the development of smart phones, we have come across this technology more often. We start to use augmented reality technology in daily life mostly while shopping. While we do our shopping by going to the stores, now we can easily access the product we want from e-commerce sites. However, while we have only been able to view the photos of these products until now, with augmented reality, we can only see the product in our environment via a phone or tablet, navigate around it, and see the details of the product by getting closer to it. The biggest advantage for us to see realistically in our own environment is to have as much idea as possible about the product.

Augmented reality technologies; It is possible to encounter in various sectors such as fashion, marketing, health, automotive and tourism. One of the most outstanding examples of this is Snapchat's 3D World Lenses commercial. When users clicked on this ad and the camera was turned on, they began to see the gold BMW X2 on the screen. Users, who could walk around the car virtually, were able to interact with the augmented reality 3D version and change details such as the color and size of the car. The BMW X2 commercial, which was transferred to the virtual world with this level of dynamism, had a great impact by being tried by millions of people.

On the other hand, if we look at examples in everyday life, we all want our home to be perfect. But making a permanent change, such as changing the color of the walls or buying new furniture, is risky. Because such major changes are not easily undone. Augmented reality comes into play to get an idea of how the change we find appropriate will look after it is implemented. Placing what is desired on concrete objects, providing the flexibility to try all available combinations and choose the best product is the benefit of the concept of augmented reality for users. Brands such as Houzz, Ikea Place, Dulux Visualizer are some of the successful examples of augmented reality in this field.

The fact that the realistic image of any product group is reflected directly to the user, that is, that customers can access the product they want to examine from their homes, workplaces, on the go or at any time, raises companies that use augmented reality technology and have a customer-based sales approach to a highly advantageous position. These benefits provided by augmented reality technology; it is considered as an opportunity in terms of increasing sales, decreasing return rates, brand awareness, innovative thinking and customer satisfaction. Therefore, this opportunity brings the brand to very important levels in the conditions of competition between brands.

With the augmented reality technology that changes the user experience in internet shopping, the product group that consumers need is now as close as they can touch. The fact that augmented reality technology, which provides significant shortening in the decision-making process, has grown so rapidly and has become more widespread in a wide range, shows the infinity of the potential of this technology and that it creates a revolution.

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